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Certificate in Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt


  • 15 training modules in Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt.
  • More than 20 videos in Spanish.
  • Printed materials in Spanish.
  • 10 hours for individual and group review with the trainer.
  • Scientific foundations for Bioresonance, Paul Schmidt method, use of devices, introduction to all software modules.
  • Multi-choice exam to obtain the certificate.


  • Free access to the training videos from November 13 to 25.
  • 10 sessions of 1 hour for consultation with the trainer from November 13 to 25.
  • Online exam at the end of the period.
  • Reservations before October 31 by phone or email.


  • For customers who already use the equipment and have received prior training: €200.
  • For those who are not yet Bioresonance customers and want to get complete knowledge in Bioresonance and particularly on this method: €600.
  • For non-customers who subsequently purchase a Bioresonance device: discount on the purchase of €400.

Note: The 14-hour training with the purchase of any of our Bioresonance devices remains still for free, in line with our commitment to excellence with our customers (training + updates + after-sales service).

Online introductory workshop to Bioresonance - Rayonex Biomedical Method

fundamentals, technology and applications

  • In Spanish.
  • Saturday, 18th November 23 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • Cost €5. Registration required before 10th November 23.
  • Registration here.

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