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Rayonex Biomedical

Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt:

The unique combination between German engineering and understanding of alternative health care is what makes this method and its equipment so special. The treatment is based on one of nature’s principles: sunlight is in fact the best-known form of Bioresonance. When light comes into contact with our skin it darkens. This is caused by the UV component of sunlight, which has a frequency spectrum in the high Tera hertz range.


In 1975, the German engineer Paul Schmidt discovered that not only the frequencies of the sunlight spectrum but also other frequency spectrums can have a positive effect on or influence the human regulatory mechanisms and that each organ, tissue or pathogen, for example, has its own vibrational frequency. This marked the birth of Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt as we know it today. In short, it is based on stimulating the body with the purpose of helping its self-regulation. Since then, Rayonex Biomedical has actively searched for the frequency spectra that can be transmitted to patients during harmonization with modern Bioresonance equipment. Later, these works were also extended to the veterinary area with the frequency mapping of horses, dogs and cats, expanding significantly its field of application.

Produced locally, used internationally:

Today, more than 5,500 therapists use Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt all over the world. This makes Rayonex the world’s largest producer of Bioresonance treatment devices and a consolidated medical equipment company present in more than 45 countries. All in all, Rayonex develops and manufactures all of its “made in Germany” products locally from the striking pyramids of Lennestadt, in the Sauerland region, where its headquarters are also located.


Rayonex Biomedical also prides itself on its carbon neutral production processes and its extraordinary level of automation and robotics. Today, the company is certified to develop, produce and distribute medical equipment according to DIN EN ISO 13485: 2016 standards and is annually audited by the TÜV group.

Proven effectiveness:

Over the last few years Rayonex Biomedical has carried out several studies on the subject of Paul Schmidt’s Bioresonance. As part of the clinical evaluation of medical equipment to actively test its safety and effectiveness, the most significant has been the new prospective, double-blind, randomized trial carried out on pain reduction in patients with chronic cervical syndrome. This study proves that the waves used in Paul Schmidt’s Bioresonance are truly waves of “success”.


All the parameters analysed in the trial improved significantly, such as neck pain, headaches, back pain or muscle tension, while the individuals treated with placebo did not notice significant changes. These results have confirmed what users have already described for decades: Biorresonance therapy according to Paul Schmidt relieves symptoms and helps give patients a new sense of physical well-being.

A whole centre dedicated to Bioresonance:

Under the umbrella of Rayonex Biomedical, the Oscillatory Medicine Association (Vereinigung zur Förderung der Schwingungsmedizin) created to promote the use of frequency medicine, regularly publishes a magazine with the latest research on Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt and organizes an annual congress with the same goal. Its developments end up enlarging the analysis and harmonization program list of Rayonex Biomedical Biorresonance devices, making it a totally open system.

Also running alongside Rayonex Biomedical is the Paul Schmidt Training Academy with online seminars, training on Rayonex Biomedical products and equipment, training for geobiologists with an additional qualification on Bioresonance, official certification for Naturopaths, its own therapy centre and a school with free online contents (the Rayonex-Wiki).

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