Basic concepts of microcirculation and vasomotion

The term microcirculation is used in medicine to refer to the perfusion and transfer of substances in the smallest blood vessels, with a diameter smaller than 100 μm (e.g., capillaries, arterioles, venules), the so-called micro-vessels. This extensive vascular network has a very important function and represents the vast majority of vessels in our body. The purpose of microcirculation is to supply blood to tissues and cells through these arterioles and capillaries across the body, and, thus, the gases, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients carried by blood, as well as conveying the necessary information to supply defence molecules. In turn, cells from different irrigated tissues excrete final metabolic waste products through the venules.


To maintain an adequate distribution and supply of blood, this system needs its own mobility and to react promptly and autonomously to the needs of the cells. Due to physical reasons, it is not theoretically possible for a human heart to pump all the blood flow through our 100,000-km-long vascular system in just one minute. However, thanks to a simple but highly effective biological trick called Vasomotion, this is possible.

What does Vaso-motion mean?

Vasomotion is a “rhythmic change in vascular diameter based on a local variation of smooth muscle tone independent of heart rate, neuronal or humoral regulation in microvascular vessels”. Quite simply, vasomotion is “THE” trigger for any improvement in microcirculation. Due to aging processes, natural wear, chronic diseases increase and constant external factors growth such as stress, lack of physical activity or poor nutrition in recent years and decades, there is a continuous decrease in our vasomotion which results in poor supply to cells and organs. Therefore, an intact microcirculation is the basis for a good health. A functional cell supply, as well as the removal of metabolic-end products, is the basic prerequisite for all repair and healing processes in the human body. The “BEMER® Physical Vascular Technique” is based on this activation of the Vasomotion mechanisms. Low-intensity magnetic fields are emitted discontinuously to stimulate vasomotion rhythm throughout the body with a patented signal. In addition, its use also allows for an increasingly important preventive effect in order to improve vascular function and avoid or minimize future Vasomotion deterioration. Therefore, a functional microcirculation based on an adequate Vasomotion frequency is the key and trigger for any improvement in well-being, good nutrition and detoxification of the tissues and, thus, in good physical and mental tone and vitality.

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