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Protection devices against electromagnetic contamination


A home or workplace free from electromagnetic pollution is essential for getting optimal physiological functions, for a healthy and relaxed mind and an excellent quality of life. A good building-biologist or an expert in bio-electricity might be of good help. Rayonex Biomedical’s biofield generators seek to minimize the effect of this pollution generating in our environment the regulatory frequencies changed by the exposure to natural and artificial sources of electromagnetic fields, helping the organism with its self-regulation and protecting it against those fields.

Just as sunlight’s spectrum of frequencies regulates the balance of vitamin D, pigmentation or formation of melanin, we know that there are many other spectrums of frequencies that can trigger regulation phenomena in our body. Exposure to adverse factors, such as natural or artificial electromagnetic pollution, on the other hand, also interferes with many of these regulatory processes. This is when the activity of these devices take place, gradually restoring these regulatory processes by exposing the body to harmonizing waves of the same nature as those lost due to pollution.  

Thanks to Rayonex Biomedical’s experience on the development of Bioresonance technology, they have a strong knowledge of the frequency spectra specifically altered by electromagnetic pollution. This allows for the development of non-invasive solutions without any toxicity or secondary effects (since the frequencies released have the same nature as those from our own regulatory processes) and also for other solutions specific to each problem. For example, the impact of exposure to electric and magnetic fields from an electrified railway network, a high-voltage line or domestic electricity at low frequencies of 50Hz, is not the same as the electromagnetic fields due to telecommunications, ranging GHz.

As technology and industrialization continue to grow, telecommunications are becoming increasingly dense, although not totally perceptible by our senses. To protect yourself against these effects, it is essential to avoid exposure and place yourself in a safe place. The practical ubiquity of these phenomena and the difficulty and cost of a complete shielding make this protection a difficult task. As a minimum., it is critical to avoid exposure in areas where we remain during longer periods and in which we are also more vulnerable, such as our bed. Using equipment that generates biofields for our protection, the contaminant source will continue to be there and to be detectable by a geobiologist or measurable with bioelectricity, however, an assessment with Bioresonance, Voll’s Electroacupuncture, kinesiology or other techniques will reveal that its effect on our body has diminished or disappeared.

Portable devices: MiniRayonex and Rayex

Mini-Rayonex and 5G MiniRayonex, HF Rayex, Elo Rayex and Car Rayex

They are simple and portable systems with a single internal dipole or antenna for the generation of a single frequency (Mini-Rayonex), two-dipole antennas (5G MiniRayonex that also generates a specific frequency against 5G) and up to six internal dipoles (in the case of HF Rayex, Elo Rayex and Car Rayex). They compensate for or protect against, respectively, 1.  the effect of external aggressions on the vital tone and regeneration (Mini-Rayonex), 2. the polluting high-frequency electromagnetic radiation – due to telecommunications (HF Rayex) – and 3. low-frequency radiation due to domestic electricity, electrical and office equipment, power lines or nearby railways (Elo Rayex). If we want to cope with a mix of both, including Bluetooth, as is currently the case inside cars, then the best alternative is Car Rayex. Their range of action is around 2- 2.5 meters. They are the best choice to carry in your bag or pocket or to protect a small room, bedroom or work station.

The new Rayo®-Guard

It is a device that, carried close to our body, helps to strengthen the body’s natural defences against electromagnetic pollution, and to stimulate the immune system. With its small dimensions (just 6 cm in diameter and a weight of 53 g), the closer to the body it is carried the better. It fits any pocket or handbag and with the optional specially designed hypoallergenic necklace it can also be used as a pendant. All this makes it the ideal companion in everyday life, at work, at school or on the road.

Standalone or fixed equipment: Duplex and Rayonator

In order to protect larger areas: a single-family home or flat, offices or companies.

5G, HF and E-Smog Rayonator. Protection against artificial electromagnetic contamination

Dipole systems that protect against electrical and magnetic radiation of low-frequency alternating fields, E-smog Rayonator, electromagnetic high-frequency fields (such as mobile GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE, radars, WIFI, satellite broadcast, smart meters…), HF Rayonator, and against the wider spectrum of 5G broadcasts with 5G Rayonator. They can be used alone, connected to the ground (range of action approx. 2.5 – 3m) or connected to a Duplex unit for larger range of action (16 – 20 m). The tandem Duplex + Rayonators is therefore the ideal solution for big spaces as houses or offices.

Duplex. Protection against geopathic changes.

It is available in two sizes and materials depending on the required radius of action and whether or not it can be connected to the grounding system. Besides protecting against geopathic changes, they extend the range of action of Rayonator devices connected to them.


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