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Mini Rayonex LC (Long Covid)

Product Description

Just as the frequency spectrum of sunlight regulates vitamin D levels, pigmentation or melanin production, many other frequency spectrums can trigger regulations in our body, as Rayonex Biomedical research shows.

Following the principles of its Bio-resonance method, the Mini-Rayonex LC includes two dipole antennas that emit the Fundamental Frequency Values of the standard Mini-Rayonex 12.50 (for cell vitalization and regeneration), the one corresponding to one of the frequencies of Schumann 10.00 (the carrier wave) and those corresponding to 10 specific programs from the software of the Rayonex Biomedical Bio-resonance harmonization equipment that have shown its effectiveness in helping post-Covid 19 patients.

These programs are stored in a chip of memory being transferred via the carrier wave. There are very interesting in vitro studies on the Bio-resonance dipole antenna system according to Paul Schmidt. For application simply place the Mini-Rayonex LC with the label facing up close to your body (at a maximum distance of 2 meters) for example on your bedside table or on your desk, preferably at night while you sleep.

Diameter of action: 2 m

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