Naturopathy is the science that promotes the health of the human being with a scientific nature and a universal tradition.

Nowadays, Naturopathy can successfully complement the action of medical treatment, contribute significantly to the resolution of problems in primary healthcare and definitely plays a relevant role in the promotion of health.

The fundamental principles collected in the Corpus Hipocraticum and that rule Naturopathy are:

Take advantage of the body’s natural tendency to seek balance (“Vis Regeneratrix Naturae” or regenerative force of human nature, which we all carry within).

Promote health through hygiene (a way of life that preserves and strengthens health): healthy nutrition (with plenty of fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes), exercise, healthy habits, relaxation and other measures that help to promote health. The emphasis is therefore on health and the priority is on its promotion.

Use remedies of natural origin with a low therapeutic intensity, which act on the body as mild stimuli for its regenerative capacity, devoid of side effects: Naturopathy, Herbology, relaxation (Sophrology, Psychotherapy), wind (Eolo-hygiene), water (Hydro-hygiene, Balneotherapy), sun (Helio-hygiene), earth (Geo-hygiene), are some examples.

Act against the causes of illness and not on its symptoms.

The following may also be added to these principles:

The focus of Naturopathy is the individual, regarded as a biological unit in which body, mind and the surrounding environment are integrated at the same time there is a permanent interaction with the environment.

That is why the individual is considered as a whole and at the same time as a unique entity; therefore, the individual is the object of study the Naturopath rather than the disease.

The imbalance arises as a defence reaction of the organism itself against aggression or the different causes of imbalance. The function of the Naturopath is to know how nature acts to help it without interfering with its mechanisms. Currently, Naturopathy with its multiple tools such as Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Homo-toxicology, among others, have become a body of knowledge learned and applied by the certified Naturopathy professional.

Let us also remind you that any information given, advice or suggestions for the solution of health problems in this publication is independent of your consulting any health professional.