Also called Geobiology, it is the study « logos » of the impact of the earth « geos » on life « bios ». Its objective is the study of the impact of earth radiation on life, since prolonged and repetitive exposure to these factors in the natural environment has harmful effects on health. Geobiology contributes significantly, along with Bioelectricity, Bioconstruction and other related disciplines, to the study of Environmental Health in a broader sense.

Our health also depends on where we live. Since its creation, our planet has been a place of exchange and movement, and on its surface we are subject to the influence of radiation from the cosmos as well as from its interior. To these geological phenomena of natural origin, electromagnetic disturbances of artificial origin are added today and at an increasing rate. From the perspective of bioenergetic medicine, for example through Bioresonance, we can verify the imprint left by both phenomena in the vital energy fields of living beings.

The energetic and physical balance of the person exposed to these phenomena suffers a disorder which is proportional to the degree of sensitivity of their biological milieu. These aspects are thus added to other factors that trigger or cause alterations in our body such as environmental toxicity levels, family history, eating habits, etc. The alterations produced can have as consequences insomnia, migraines, fatigue, concentration or memory problems, depression, localized pain, urinary incontinence, fertility problems and much more. It is essential to immediately seek neutral or risk-free locations in any case, but especially when we are confronted with individuals with health problems related to or worsened by these causes. The change to a safe environment will slow down the degenerative processes and allow to gradually recover from the impact of these phenomena on health. (See: “Alain de Luzan, Votre santé en lieu sûr, Paris, Le courrier du libre, 2008”)

Filtered by the atmosphere, a constant bombardment of radiation reaches us from space. From the earth we receive radiation from the decomposition of radioactive materials in the soil. On the other hand, in the center of the earth a solid metallic inner core 2440 km wide rotates on itself surrounded by the liquid outer core 2240 km thick. The friction effect of one against the other is similar to that of a dynamo, generating an electromagnetic field that is the origin of the networks that we study in Geobiology.

Like a more or less closed mesh that covers the entire surface of the globe, these natural networks have been object of a large number of scientific experiments. They are perceptible structures to our sensitivity, when it is developed for this purpose, and affect our neurovegetative balance, our endocrine system or our immunologic defenses. Which interesting factors should we therefore detected?

 • Underground watercourses.

• Discontinuities in the subsoil through which radiation from the interior of earth is filtered, potentially creating free radicals.

• Telluric networks Hartmann, Curry and Benker mainly.

Additionally, phenomena of human origin are omnipresent in our environment and equally harmful to our health and well-being. On one hand there is electrical and magnetic pollution, due to domestic electricity or from high voltage lines (50Hz) or electrified railways. On the other hand, we have “electrosmog” or high-frequency electromagnetic pollution (>0.1 GHz), where we can consider mobile phones and its antennas (in their different emission bands UMTS, 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G…), Wi-Fi emissions, emissions from wireless phone bases, satellite transmission, radar and other technologies. They are not easily perceptible by our senses, in most cases, although we do notice their effects and we can quantify their incidence. A growing part of the population, however, is developing a greater degree of sensitivity to these phenomena which significantly reduces their quality of life.

The Building Biology expertise is carried out by an on-site assessment and thus reflecting on a scale plan the pathogenic areas of a home, office or plot of land. Please note that these areas should be avoided and can only be neutralized to a very limited extent. It is a matter of highlighting on a plan the areas that are not favorable to health to “avoid possible future burden as the most sustainable method”, the motto must be, as always, prevention!


The building biologist detects disturbances and can recommend actions to reduce their impact, move a bed a few centimeters, get rid of a radio alarm clock or correct an electrical installation. Sometimes, however, the solutions are not so easy or always possible. It normally works at a scale of 1/20 in houses, 1/50 or more in the case of a plot of land. We start with an analysis of the urban environment, paying attention to high voltage lines, electric transformation facilities or mobile phone antennas located at a distance below the safety limits. We continue with an analysis of the building, the structure and construction characteristics, the existing facilities and the location of main uses (meter rooms for example). In the geobiological chapte we must consider geophysical alterations (underground water currents, faults and the most relevant global networks for health) and geomagnetic alterations (assessment of the variability of the terrestrial geomagnetic field with the help of a geomagnetometer). In the chapter of Bioelectricity, the resistivity of the grounding connection has to be measured, as well as the values ​​of electric and magnetic fields at low frequency (50Hz) in each room and at the headboards of the beds as particularly sensitive areas, as well as the high frequency electromagnetic fields due to telecommunications networks (> 1 GHz). Depending on the area, might also be interesting to measure accumulated radon levels, radioactivity levels, air quality, environmental noise levels or lighting quality and supply proper solutions for each of these cases.

Let us also remind you that any information given, advice or suggestions for the solution of health problems in this publication is independent of your consulting any health professional.