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Microcirculation Basic concepts of microcirculation and vasomotion The term microcirculation is used in medicine to refer to the perfusion and transfer of substances in the

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Bioresonance is a useful energetic technique for the analysis of the health state in order to find out the causes underlying disturbances and to harmonize the changes. The aim is to stimulate the body’s internal regulation processes that could be altered by activating its own self-healing capacity, a fundamental principle shared with Naturopathy and naturopathic techniques. That is why Bioresonance is integrated into this group of disciplines.

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Naturopathy is the science that promotes the health of the human being with a scientific nature and a universal tradition.
Nowadays, Naturopathy can successfully complement the action of medical treatment, contribute significantly to the resolution of problems in primary healthcare and definitely plays a relevant role in the promotion of health.

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Also called Geobiology, it is the study « logos » of the impact of the earth « geos » on life « bios ». Its objective is the study of the impact of earth radiation on life, since prolonged and repetitive exposure to these factors in the natural environment has harmful effects on health. Geobiology contributes significantly, along with Bioelectricity, Bioconstruction and other related disciplines, to the study of Environmental Health in a broader sense.

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