Bioresonance is a useful energetic technique for the analysis of the health state in order to find out the causes underlying disturbances and to harmonize the changes. The aim is to stimulate the body's internal regulation processes that could be altered by activating its own self-healing capacity, a fundamental principle shared with Naturopathy and naturopathic techniques. That is why Bioresonance is integrated into this group of disciplines. This scientific evidence, already mentioned by Hippocrates, that the human body has its own self-healing capacity that must be stimulated in order to recover health, is therefore the main basis for this technique.

Under the same umbrella as Bioresonance, also called Biofeedback, we find different methods that only share with each other their wavelike or energetic nature, based on biophysics and quantum medicine. In the specific case of Rayonex Biomedical’s Bioresonance (or Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, the German engineer who has created the method and whose work we owe its bases to), the method has the special characteristic that the waves used have an electromagnetic nature and are similar to the physiological ones(the same wave shape, the same frequencies associated with each physiological process, without any phase inversion, without the use of electricity, etc… see “Jorge Boente, Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt; theoretical foundations and applications, Madrid 2012”). By transmitting to the user waves with an electromagnetic nature similar to the physiological frequencies, Rayonex Biomedical Bioresonance method is 100% safe, without side effects, toxicity or intolerance in its use, habituation or rebound effect. (see “Rayonex Biomedical GmbH, Success in treating chronic pain, Lennestadt-Germany, 2020). The only possible contraindication could be its use during pregnancy, as possible effects on the baby have not yet been studied.

Efectos biorresonancia sobre los pulmones

In the photo, using an infrared thermic camera before and after 4 minutes of harmonization with the Rayonex Rayocomp Acupuncture module, the positive effect of the Bioresonance technique on the lung meridian can be observed. Today, with more than 1,800 frequency programs, we can cover within harmonization and testing areas like physiology and pathology of different systemic areas, pathogens, nutrients and enzymes, emotional and psychic alterations, pain, vitalization, detoxification, acupuncture points and meridians… just to mention a few examples. Due to its energetic nature, this technique holds a very close connection with the principles of other energetic techniques such as Acupuncture or Homeopathy.

The starting idea is that when there are health problems there is an “energetic” change well before, and in addition to, the functional and organic one. As we work in the field of energy, we can assess this change before the onset of its psychobiological, functional or organic manifestations. That is why Bioresonance analysis can also be used as a very effective preventive technique. This focus on prevention is also a common principle with other naturopathic techniques. Since we work at an energetic level it is more correct to use the term harmonization. By promoting self-regulation through this harmonization, we focus on the health issue primary cause: the energetic imbalance, rather than on its symptoms. Today, its scope of application is very wide both in the human and the veterinary fields.

Download the article by the same author published in APTN COFENAT Magazine No. 4: “Bioresonance, Paul Schmidt method: Scientific foundations and applications”