Naturopathy and Bioresonance practice in Madrid

We rely on naturopathic disciplines such as Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy, Oligotherapy, Nutrition, (Bach) Floral Remedies and of course Bioresonance, to promote health in areas such as food allergies and intolerances, digestive and metabolic disorders, pain, stress and insomnia, detoxification, regeneration and anti-ageing, concentration problems and depression, etc.

We are specialized in Bioresonance, a technique that helps us harmonizing altered states of the body and to enhance its self-regulatory capacity, through electromagnetic waves similar in nature to our physiological ones.

We help patients eat and feel better by customizing their diet, based on their body composition, nutritional needs, and physiological and pathological conditions.

Jorge Boente Represas

Tel.: 629156478